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Chelsey Ocean is basically a diary of my life and my creative thoughts, mostly fashion. My blog is solely a fashion and lifestyle blog; however, I do love to touch on beauty and travel when I have a great topic or a place I have visited to discuss with my following. My blog has and always will be a place to share my positivity deep within me.

Social Media is where most of promotion happens, I absolutely love interacting with other bloggers or brands, gifted or not on Instagram and Twitter. When I find new outfits or new products, I always promote them on my Instagram stories or my twitter feed, to share what I love and to make others aware of products I love. On my social media, I offer pretty much any product review within reason which I create, creative content and encouraging captions for the brands I work with.

I have worked with loads of brands on my social channels, a few paid posts, and a lot of gifted content, which I always make followers aware of. My social channels are constantly growing, I have noticed a lot of engagement on my blog and social channels recently. Most brands try to reach out to me through Instagram Direct Message, I am always happy to reply but I do encourage for brands to contact me via email (

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