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  • Lavania Oluban

    freelance blogger

    6 years experience 0 projects worked £35.00/hr £0 earned

    I’m a single mum to a four year old whirlwind named Arlo. We are based in Birmingham and I love to write about our adventures. From exploring local attractions to creating great imaginary play activities at home. 

    I’m a confident and optimistic mid thirties female with a wide range of interests. We share a lot of our craft projects and DIY hacks as well as topical opinion posts and anything that goes really. I’m not typecast as a typical mum…

  • Steven Kreimendahl

    Travel content creator

    8 years experience 0 projects worked £40.00/hr £0 earned

    We are Steven and Jazmin of Travel to Blank, the world traveling couple. We produce a range of travel and lifestyle content featuring romance, weekend getaways, road trips and luxury destinations.

  • Merry Sari

    Blogger & Content Writer

    2 years experience 0 projects worked £15.00/hr £0 earned


    My name is Merry and I am the blogger and content creator behind Monodreame, which covering blogging and lifestyle tips.

    I mostly share blogging tips (on how to start, build, and grow a blog) and lifestyle topics (self-care, productivity, home/interior, gift guides, and books). 

    I’ve worked with a brand before (SojosVision, Floorbay, Map Your Moon, Plays.org, Green Pear Eco, Merriment Atelier, etc).

    The majority of my audiences…

  • Emily Fryer

    Holistic health, nutrition + wellbeing coach / mentor

    1 year experience 0 projects worked £15.00/hr £0 earned

    cfs/me + holistic health

    Treating root causes mind, body + soul.

    I guide women in healing cfs/me, burnout + stress related illness.

    Specialising in knowledge on herbal remedies, food as medicine, hormone balance + menstrual cycle health, IBS + digestive issues, nervous system health + holistic wellbeing.

  • Blendea Ana Lucia


    5 years experience 0 projects worked £50.00/hr £0 earned

    Life News

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